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  1. you need another inch more in the area between the pickups… i've seen it done. you will need an accurate template (a trace) for your specific year/model to give to a vendor that cuts pickguards.
  2. matches gearmandude's boots.
  3. i hoard old mactops. i have the first PowerBook... ...which is only good for a glowing green night light or something like that. ...and the first iBook, which is wi-fi (first wireless laptop?) and going on 12 years vintage... ...it still works well and does facebook!
  4. prices are dropping on the resale end.
  5. ...and you can count to potato.
  6. i'm satisfied with the punishment. i'm into MMA, a different argument yes, but the same idea: this is sports and entertainment. live to fight/play another day and afford your opponent the same opportunity you had. shake hands after the match. it's just a *game*.
  7. i consider my '82 a beater. it's got nicks around all edges including the horn tips front and back.
  8. good morning sir... bedtime for me... 9:50pm Pacific Standard Time.
  9. you might have something there. ALL my friends dance, most deejay, some play instruments but none play electric guitar. i don't consider myself a natural by any stretch but i do have good rhythm, excellent timing and creativity. i had to seek out 'teachers' to learn the basics and then practice with others, just like learning an instrument. i lost a few toenails (they grow back) and it took a few years before i got really good. i plan to get into competitive ballroom dancing sometime in the distant future when i'm done with the club scene.
  10. $750 2006 Gibson SG Gothic EMG II - mint, 3 yrs old $600 2001 Gibson SG Junior P-90 - mint, 5 yrs old $550 1982 Gibson Firebrand "The SG" - good/fair, 28 yrs old (current guitar)
  11. '82 models had narrower, less flared headstocks and Schaller style tuners so that is earlier.
  12. i myself have been reduced to 1-watt and quality headphones.
  13. you were the last one on this board i expected to own a Hemi... kudos to you sir.
  14. a quality instrument, the right amp and one dirt pedal are all i need and i'm satisfied getting 'close enough' to my guitar heroes' tones.
  15. '67 Beetle with factory sunroof that was restored, looked exactly this one. it was cute but a bear to drive and eventually had reliability issues. wish i had an american muscle car, the closest i got was an AMC Gremlin, looked just like this one but a beater: i had the white walls, hubs caps and thought it was cool but it too had engine problems. also had no working fan and only an am radio in it. it was the only american car i've ever owned. another beater i had was a '78 Corolla. again, not as nice as the one pictured. the puny 1100cc engine was fine but the axle went out a
  16. meh, i was expecting a 13" B&W special with knobs... nice couch tho.
  17. when u grow up u will know it's crap... along with ur tv collection... sorry to break it down like that.
  18. freakin awesome.. congrats sir.
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