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Neck Crack!


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Had my first experience with a guitar with "neck crack" recently. I bought two 97 Rivieras in sunburst but when I got them both one had a finish crack all along the whole of the heel joint so I had to send it back [thumbdn] The seller was very nice though and sent me a full refund [thumbup]




In the description it was described as a scratch in the finish but this ran along the whole join so was obviously due to pressure applied and movement in the joint.


The one I sent back was £300 no case and needing a new toggle swtich. The one I kept cost me £200, came with a case and has a nicer finish, feel and sound although I still need to get it set up with heavier strings before I'll be properly pleased with it. If I'm honest I thought it would be more like a Casino neck and body wise so I'm still getting used to it. Glad to add it to my collection.

Unfortunately means I won't be able to do this again though:




Anyone else had this happen to a guitar? Maybe after a fall or something?


Gonna look out for a Sorrento next but for now I'm going to buy this:



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