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Saddles for Epiphone Tunematics


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Is it generally a standard size? Will the USA ones work. I'm looking at these two. Nylon for Casinos, Gold for Dot deluxe that have oxidized beyond repair.


I'm no expert, but I've discovered that there are several types of bridges that Epiphone and Gibson have used. There are sometimes markings on the underside of bridges (and tailpieces) that indicate what specific type the part is.. I have a B-2 and 2 other bridges that are just marked Epiphone.

So, you may find a number on the bottom of your bridge.. asking the seller may be helpful, otherwise just buy a set and see if they fit (or get a roller bridge).


I've noticed ABR mentioned before, and maybe B-1, but I don't really know what any particular saddles fit which types, except that I've noticed that the Nashville saddles are shaped differently (with a longer tab below the screw hole.


I got fed up looking for more details about saddles, and finally just bought a couple roller bridges.. end of saddle issues.


The sellers of the saddles generally don't provide enough information, as if every guitar owner has all the design specifications and numerous catalogs on hand to look up every make of part.

One seller mentions an Allparts part number, another may specify that a particular saddle is for bridges that have #4-40 (size and threads-per-inch) screws.

Some sellers refer to the bridges as tune a matic, or tune o matic.


I looked at nearly all of the saddles that are available.. resin, brass, zinc, steel and even titanium. The generic roller briges were cheaper than most of 'em.




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