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Explorer ID?


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Hey guys,


Can you help me identify this Gibson Explorer that I received in a trade? The serial # is 82289509.


From looking at the Gibson website, it appears to be an Explorer 83 but the knobs are not a triangle pattern.


The guitar has a standard finish(Burgundy) and it has a Rosewood fretboard.


Would also like to know what type of pick ups came in the guitar as these appear to be original. I am hoping they are Dirty Fingers.


Thanks for any help! :-)

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I'll try to to post some pics. Guitar has been played and has some dings but honestly plays and stays in tune great.


How do you know it is a '76 reissue?


The book I have says they began production in 1990 which is what didn't make sense to me. The specs do line up from what I can see. I guess just a very early model?

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