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Will a LP with Bigsby B7 fit in factory case?


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Apologies if this has already been asked! I am thinking of fitting a Bigsby B7 (with a self-install adapter) to my Les Paul. Does anyone know if it will then fit back into the original factory hard-case? - If it does, are there any issues, such as severe de-tuning?


If a new case is needed, anyone know which one? - I am trying to keep it down to an under £250 budget!

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Should fit. Just have to rotate the arm backwards

so less pressure it put on the spring when the

cas is closed.


Are you getting a vibramate no drill kit?


If so, make sure it doesn't pull the bushings up

where the tail was that it's replacing. I had one

on an Epi LP and the angle of it put pressure on

them and was starting to pull them out of the holes.

It might depend on how arched your top is too.

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