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Dating early 60s SG special


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Can anyone help with dating this Gibson SG Special

There are some pictures here:


I can add pictures of other views if that would help.


The guitar has had one owner since 1971 but the history before that is unknown.

It has a head stock repair and the serial number is either missing or obscured by black paint.

The tuners have been upgraded to Klumix Deluxe, possible associated with the headstock repair.

There are holes in the body indicating that it had a tremolo unit at some time.


The serial numbers on the pots are from a 1961 batch, but I am told this batch was used for some time after 1961.


The guitar has been re-fretted recently.


I am guessing that this is a pretty early model. Unfortunately it has had a hard life but it plays great.

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I say early 60's to '65ish.

It has had some bad breaks and mods done. Not a collector, but if it plays good....Great!


Thanks Retrorod that's what I thought.


I am thinking about fitting a tune-o-matic bridge to improve intonation. I guess as it is not a collector, that will not harm it's value.

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