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What type of Explorer


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Hi all,

I just bought this Gibson Explorer from ebay and it didn't have any warranty cards which i didn't mind at all.

The problem is i don't know what Type of Explorer of it. Some say, it was made in 2007, limited run of certain number.


My question is, do you guys know the detail of it?

The serial number is 008870386

The picture: http://i551.photobucket.com/albums/ii474/southern-rock/Gibson%20Sxplorer/GibsonExplorer.jpg


Thank you guys

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The guitar in the picture is an Explorer Pro, the 1st(and best)version. But I didnt think they were made in 07. I thought production of those stopped in O4.


Thank you, but i apologize, actually that's not the real picture of my Explorer. Mine is similar but with Dot inlay, not square.

But i assume it is an Explorer Pro. I've checked with www.guitarproject.com and said "it was made in 2007.

Any advice?



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The serial number is consistent with an Explorer Pro model which was part of the 2007 Guitar of the Week collection. No more than 400 of these would have been built.


They should bring it back, I've been hunting for one of these for some time.

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