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I just got my natural Casino back this weekend and it had Gold Grovers put on (it's a Lennonised project) and it has given the guitar a completely new lease of life. The extra weight and balance seems to have transformed it into a much more playable guitar and somehow gives it the balls it needs for stuff like Revolution, Birthday, Yer Blues, The End etc.


I wouldn't do it to my Peerless Casino as that's nice and lightweight with a slim, sleek jazzy feel but my natural Casino already has a chunkier neck and I have (obviously) been using it to play Beatles stuff from 68-70. It just feel "right"


I've got to be honest, I've found it hard to like this Casino. It's the least playable of any Casino I've owned (early Chinese model) but I got a new bridge and a new nut for it as well and had it all set up and now I think it's as close as I'll ever get to enjoying playing it. I even brought it home during the week for the first time in a year to practice on. Normally I bring home my Sunburst Casino which plays much better (Unsung model) but this is now going to be getting a lot more playing time. It feel like a hybrid between my Dot Deluxe and my standard Unsung Casino.


Even though I already own 3 Casinos it's given me major Elitist GAS... It never ends does it?


Anyone else found that putting heavier tuners on a guitar has changed its playability? Don't get me wrong, I know the new bridge/nut have a lot to do with the actual playability but I've had that done to several guitars and knew what difference they'd make. I can't get away from the new weight and how much I'm enjoying it as I initially picked up my first Casino because I prefer light guitars!

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I've played quite a lot of Chinese guitars in the guitar shops near me and some of them are excellent. I just happened to buy one sight unseen because it was cheap and I wanted to convert it into a Lennon style guitar for my tribute band. The neck feels all wrong for a Casino and the nut was terrible. My post wasn't to diss Chinese Epiphones. I just stated what the guitar was so people can get a clear picture of the situation. No guitar is going to be fun to play with a poor bridge/nut partnership and every guitar needs decent set up which is what this guitar got. What I was trying to emphasise in this post was the difference between the kluson style tuners vs Grovers on this particular model.


I hope that's cleared things up for you.

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