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Epiphone casino price?


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Saving up for the "inspired by model" Casino but waiting for one of there holiday sales. How much of a discount do they typically give on those sales? (christmas sales, 4th of july sales etc) Opinions on that model? Would it be worth it to just save up a bit more and get the Elitist?

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You can get 15% off just about any time of year. Musician's Friend and Guitar Center have been sending me discount codes and coupons almost daily lately, I assume due to the slow economy. The holidays aren't necessarily the best time to buy since that's the season of high demand. Also pay attention to the used and scratch and dent section of Musician's Friend website, I got my IBJL Casino for 20% off and it was in new condition.




I don't have an Elitist Casino, but some here have both and the general consensus is they are very similar in feel and playability. The Elitists tend to have better build quality and are holding their value very well (maybe even appreciating somewhat) on the used market.




You might even be able to get 15% off a used one if you schmooze your salesperson a bit.

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