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Crate Power Block


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The Crate Power Block is a 4lb 150(thats right) watt head that Crate made for a few years in the mid 2000's.

It has 3 speaker outs,one bridged at 150 watts ,2 stereo at 75 watts,cd input ,balanced line out ,effects loop,on the back,single chanel Gain ,treble,mid, bass, level,on the front.I bought this on a whim because GC was selling them for $79.This has proven to be a invaluable piece of equipment.I've used it for a P.A. Head ,a Bass amp,a practice amp(it has a headphone jack).and a guitar amp .Although I have a great tube amp set up,(a TranorYGM3 and a Gretch Valco bass head )that I use in tandem I've been using this little guy more and more.I have a pedal board that I use with it and my part time band mates think it sounds better than my normal rig (Just because its louder)and boy this guy is loud.It even comes with a dandy carrying case with pocket.If you can find one of these used buy it .Its a no brainer.

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