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explorer wiring issue


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hey whats up guys this is my first post just joined the board today. I joined the board because I own a Epiphone explorer and have some questions about it. I appear to be having a particular issue with the wiring and was wondering if this issue just pertains to Epiphone explorer's or to gibson's as well. If you own one or both and Epi and Gibson explorer try this out and see if you too have the same problem...


If you have all the volume and tone controls on 10 and have the neck pickup selected and the distortion channel of your amp on (makes the bleed more pronounced) turn the neck volume down to zero.. does your bridge pickup even though not selected bleed through to the amp? This also works when you have the bridge selected and turn that volume down if the neck volume is on it will bleed through as well. Both volumes need to be at zero or else you will experience annoying signal bleed through one of the pickups!


I had a korina explorer that had a set of dimarzio's installed professionally that did the same thing. this particular guitar happens to be a epi goth I picked up for $200 and threw a spare set of emg's in. I suspect the problem is with the toggle switch and I have a new switchcraft 3 way toggle on the way in the hopes of eliminating this problem for good. so if you can test out your guitars and get back to me that would be greatly appreciated


I will probably post this in the gibson and epiphone sections as well


thank you



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so far,and unluckyly,I have owned only an epi,despite I'm dreaming of a gib' explo since I was 16,and I'm now 41!

Anyway;my epi explo never acted the way you describe,and as far as I know,never did a gibson,wich all more ore less have similar electric circuits.

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