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Les Paul Custom-Heritage Cherry Burst


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well my girlfriend got my new custom from ups today.i told her to open it and check it out and send me some pics,

so i can post on here for you guys.i paid for gold coverage for a year in case it has some quality control problems.

hopefully it doesn,t.i didn,t have luck with my other lp standard plus.by the way how do you post pics.:)

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How to post your pictures in The Gibson Forum.


First get a photo hosting service such as Photobucket, it is free to set up a basic account.

(Photobucket is just one example, there are many sites provide free photo hosting)

Then just upload your photos to the site and save them.

Once you have saved them there will be code box by the photo that will have an code in it.

When you click on this box, the code is automatically saved into your clipboard.


Then just come back to this forum and click on the icon located in your editor window, that has the mountian and sun on it.

Then post your code in between the img tag brackets.

That's it!


Also, if you wish to reference a photo on another site, just right click on the photo, select properties, then select the location, and highlight and copy, then just post the location into the [img ] tags.

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