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Space between humbucker and bridge


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I have been thinking of getting a Spirit GT Pro Deluxe - and I also plan on mounting my Roland GK pickup on it, by placing it in between the bridge and the (bridge position) humbucker.

However, something puzzles me! On every photo I see of those guitars, it seems that on the black guitars, the humbucker sits closer to the bridge than what it does on the white ones. Does anyone know if there really is a difference?





post-37978-058554100 1322749403_thumb.jpg

post-37978-028493400 1322749415_thumb.jpg

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Just found this http://www.themusiczoo.com/product/1175/Steinberger-Spirit-GT-Pro-Deluxe/


and judging from that photo it seems there's enough space to mount a GK pickup....


Time to order!




Hi there, looks like you have a soloution. I have the black one and just looked at it. Based on the photos you have it is like the white one with a bit of space between the bridge and the pickup. I think the photo of the black one you have up there is a bit of poor photography. I think it is angled a bit while the white one is pretty much straight on... only thing I can think of.

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