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  1. You may need to use another string that string may be defective. Or use a slightly smaller gauge string. It is not uncommon for the low E string to be far back.
  2. No May be worth something to somebody Looks like it has a Hohner R-Trem on it.
  3. You'er not the first one to have this problem. They make a few devices to make it easier. Knob puller
  4. I have had some that are pretty hard to get off. Try heating it up with a hair dryer but don’t heat the guitar.
  5. Probably not but White does some times. Don't know why. All the models from that era go for a good price depending on condition.
  6. OK, I didn't realize this was a bass! You just have to take the strings off and take the bridge off to access the screws under the bridge. A lot of work when you could just spray some oil up in there. Good luck with it.
  7. I just want to add that most of what this person says about the term is wrong but it does show how to open the top up and that is what you were looking for. Most people don't understand the basics about the R-Trem including the maker of this video.
  8. I would not take it apart to oil but if you must this video may help. link to video
  9. Now if your posts are bent and the trem is rubbing on the body or the guitar that may make it jerk sharp or flat but all the strings would go sharp or flat. Make sure you have the trem locked when you tune.
  10. I would make sure the threads are not stripped. They should just screw in and out without any jerking.
  11. Good luck with it. Just so you will know from someone that has had R-Trems since the 80s, None of mine (have had about six and still have two) ever had a problem like that and never needed anything done to them to make them work very smooth. The only problems I have ever had with them were bent posts, never problems with them being hard to turn to tune.
  12. The tuners are no high tech device. They are just threaded screws going through a threaded hole to lengthen or shorten the point the string is held changing the tension on the string. If they are hard to turn something is really wrong because there is no way to make them hard to turn other than stripping the threads or pulling the string too tight. Or they could rust i guess and mess them up. Are they all hard to turn or just one or two?
  13. You need to contact them and ask: Bernd Meissner Hauptstr. 20 86438 Kissing GERMANY Tel.: +49 (0)8233 738 34-0 e-mail: info@headless-europe.eu
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