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The Guitarist in Fiction


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Not that many fiction books have a character where guitar playing is central to the story. One such book is "Dirt Music" by Australian author Tim Winton. He's probably Australia's best known and awarded comtemporary author. "Dirt Music" is set on the rugged West Coast of Australia. Great read especially for the musically inclined amongst us.The author is a guitarist himself and I've seen a photo of him with a J-45.

When the book was released a few years ago a CD came out at the same time."Dirt Music" was basically a term for country blues...so it was a compilation CD of things like"keep your lamp trimmed and burning" etc.

Another recently read non fiction was "In Cold Blood" where one of the two murderers played "an old gibson acoustic".......but I'm sure some murderers play Martins, probably not Taylors though.

Anyone know other fiction books with guitar players to the fore?

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