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Installing a EDIT: TAILPIECE in a Gibson Invader

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EDIT: This is actually for the tailpiece, not the bridge. Sorry.




My friend recently got a Gibson Invader parts guitar. It's just the neck & body with no hardware.


He got an aftermarket bridge for it, but the holes drilled for the posts are too small for the tailpiece.


I measured the posts themselves with my calipers, and they measured 1/2" exactly. The diameter of the holes are .47".


Our theory is that the body has been "naked" for a while, and has swollen, thus shrinking the holes 3 hundredths of an inch.


My question is, do I need to try to enlarge the holes at all, or should I just tap the posts in as they are?


Thanks in advance!

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Good question! I have never installed the post anchors before, so am not experienced. If it were me, I would have a go at it without drilling. If necessary I would use an Xacto blade to enlarge the top of the holes and try to hammer the anchors in as straightly as possible. The anchors are ridged? This should allow some relief. .03 ain,t much, but then again may be too tight for comfort. Maybe some wax or bar soap around the anchor may help to 'ease' it into the hole?

I hate the thought of drilling for that small of a diameter difference.....But don,t take my word for it... [huh]

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