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Don't fret. 'Les Paul: Guitar Wizard'will be a big hit

"For as long as you can remember, you've had a big dream.


It started with a musical toy and ended with the iPod you carry everywhere. At some point in between, you sang along with your parents' music (which you loved), found your own songs, and now you want to perform onstage someday just like your favorite music stars.


Nobody does air-guitar like you, in fact, but imagine a world without the zing of the string. As you'll see in the new book "Les Paul: Guitar Wizard" by Bob Jacobson, if it wasn't for one boy's curiosity, electric guitars might never have been invented.




Though this book is meant for older grade-school children, I think it would also please a grown-up guitar aficionado. If you're looking for a book for either one, then, don't fret. "Les Paul: Guitar Wizard" will be a big hit."




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