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The other day I met a Computer Programer let's say named Chopra. Chopra wasn't what I thought a Computer Programer should look like. In my mind one looks like Stephen Hawking, controlling the computers with his brain, immobile in any way, muscles atrophed, life support tubes, and an almost virtual reality sense, with large black encompassing eye wear (goggles). All of the Programmers would be heavilly sedated so they would only be able to do "their" job. The room would have a see-through glass so that the Programmers could be monitored my their supervisors. The computers wouldn't look like normal computers as they would have a reverse keyboard embedded into a wall. Also, the monitor would be upside down and turned around, creating panel of wiring's and micro chips. Specifically the micro chips would be enlarged through a macro viewing lens that is transparent only to the Programmer. What tools do the Programmers have? First there're mechanical arms that senses where to probe. Secondly, there're lasers that penetrate the keyboard when they are activated. Thirdly, pedals that activated by the brain are located on the top of the ceiling. Finally, tubes that pass through the trachea record vibrations that alert the computer, a last phase of Programming and the most important. I could only guess what Chopra really does behind closed doors but somehow my fictional viewing is more interesting. Now if only I wouldn't of met him than my view would be alot more comforting to me I would think.

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