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Gibson's J-45 heritage

Paul E

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After reading a couple of different posts about what is traditional and what isn't I thought I would voice my opinion, I know it doesn't count for much but it makes me feel better. The J-45 first came out around 1942. During the war years a lot of changes happened to the J-45 like, truss rod, no truss rod, mutiple piece tops and backs, mahogany tops, maple necks, maple bodies, laminated maple bodies,scalloped braces,unscalloped braces. Some j-45's from the 40's have shimmed saddle's (2 piece laminated).In the 50'sadjustable bridge saddle was offered,1969 square shouldered J-45, 1984 back to the sloped shoulder, now you can get a J-45 built out of any tone wood you want. What I'm trying to say is that Gibson has been very versatile in it's manufacturing it has kept up the trends of the time. With all of the changes both small and large to the J-45 through out it's history no matter what tone wood it's made out of it is still a great guitar and I feel Gibson is putting out their best guitars ever. I guess tradition is only a subjective thing.

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