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post-44877-091411400 1340548178_thumb.jpgHi I can use some help on this matter. I have a Gibson 77 RVT Amp and like to know more about it if anyone have or had one.I under stand scotty moore elvis lead guitar play had one.back in the day. I heard about using a jumper to jump channels does anyone no about this. the amp sounds good but to me it sounds like it has a little destrortion to it. can anyone tell me what each tube does.maybe it mite need a tube change. or does any one have pics of the amp they can send me of the back were the tubes are.this is a two channel amp with a 15" speaker and i am using a gretsch 6122 country classic trying to get that scotty moore or chet atkins sound. Any help well do on this matter thank you.
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