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Thunderbird IV - Quality of new vs older (1999) models


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I live in Norway, and own a 99 model Gibson Thunderbird IV. Beautiful thing, but I am considering selling it to buy a new guitar amp. However, the retail price in Norway was reduced by about 50% three and a half years ago, and I'm wondering if this has to do with the quality of the newer bases (heard something about Gibson moving their production to China...), or if I've just been unlucky and lost some money due to market swings.


Would my 99'er be worth more on the second hand market than a bass produced the last four years? If so, how much more?


As a guideline, the retail price in Norway is now a little over 1500$, compared to 3333$ three and a half years ago.


Any advice appreciated:)



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Hi sekova. I'm pretty much just EB/SG Series Gibsons. The one thing I can tell you, I recently purchased a 2012 SG Std., Heritage Cherry Bass. It's great. USA manufacture. Craftsmanship is right on. Intonation is also right on also. The only thing I did, was change strings, because I prefer the Nylon Tapewound D'Addario brand. I hope you get some one on here who's more versed on the Thunderbird IV.

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