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Case for Epiphone Granada


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Hi, this is a pretty dull thread, but I'm looking for a case for a newly purchased Epiphone Granada. It appears the headstock on the Granada is a little longer than its brother, the Gibson ES-120, and this could make it challenging to find a suitable case.


Any Granada owners have a favorite case, or ideas as to where to turn? Or similar Epiphone aficionados?


Thanks very much.

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@desotoslo hope your last 9 years of Granada ownership have been nice... did you ever find a nice fit hard case? The raised pickgaurd makes the Granada a bit of a weirdo for cases. Anyways I just bought one and tried a 335-style Guardian case (CG-020-HS Hardshell Case, Shallow Hollowbody), not a good fit at all. My next attempt will be the TKL 7855 case. I'll try to remember to update this if I find something that works.

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Epiphone recently made a 1966 Century and offered a vintage-style case for it. They are both discontinued, but neither are impossible to find. I believe the (original, non-cutaway) Granada will fit in that Century case, with the advantage of looking like it's from the 60s. (This is the grey case with blue lining, not the Masterbilt Century acoustic case).

Otherwise, any arched-top ES-335-style case should fit - not a flat-top version like the Guardian you bought or the older Epiphone cases. I like the Gator Journeyman series.

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