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event at Gibson Guitar Room, Washington, DC???


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Hi everyone. Please post here if you would be interested and reasonably possibly able to attend an event at the Gibson Guitar Room in Washington, DC, half a block from the Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station. This would likely be a show with 2 or 3 local bands on a weeknight in December. I imagine there would be a ticket price somewhere in the neighborhood of $10. This is a private room with some instruments on display (some interesting pieces, but not much museum quality stuff). All bands would be required to play Gibson brands' instruments. If this show happens, I personally would use my rare ebony finish Epiphone Broadway (one of 40 made) along with a turquoise Casino w/Vibrotone, and maybe a black Gibson SG robot.


Also, If you have a local band and would be interested in performing, please pm me. Instruments are available to borrow at the show if you don't have a Gibson or Epi, and of course you don't ding them up GC style. (Let's not go there LOL)


As I'm trying to use this thread to gauge interest for putting on a show, I respectfully ask everyone to help reduce clutter by refraining from posting opinions or comments unrelated to this purpose. Of course, all related questions are more than welcome. Thanks for reading! -J

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