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I've only seen/touched one some half dozen years ago. Given that I like doing a lot of different types of music, the idea of a "one guitar fits all" seemed attractive. I remember not feeling terribly impressed by the guitar build or feel of the neck, but a lot of that is subjective.


After the nasty whirlwind about the rollout of Gibson's better thought-out and extended version, I've concluded that it's one of those things that will have a niche market of those who want a lotta flexibility on one guitar that is technically advanced but not what others may consider "too non-traditional."


That latter is simply a marketing thing. I think Variax was in a good position to market its stuff in kinda a "mid-range price point;" Gibson may not have picked the best way to market its technologically and certainly superior "build" multiple-position guitar.


I think I'm not entirely alone in figuring that I'd accept either as a gift; the Gibson as the "if you're offering one or the other" preference.


I think the "what would you buy if you had $10,000 and hadda buy guitars" thread kinda nailed it: Most of "us" were mentioning guitars based on pre 1960 designs.


Figure this: If I had access to the Gibbie custom shop with price no concern, I'd likely end up with a hidden mechanism ES175 robot with a master volume figured on the pick guard so it could be used with a pinkie - and a piezo bridge with, again, hidden controls probably at the edge of the pick guard so it would take a reeeally close look at the guitar to see the difference. In short, a very traditional "look" with some Gibson goodies and technology nobody has to know about.


But then as a kid, I always thought a family-looking four-door sedan with more or less a road race car engine and suspension would be a neat deal too ... a sleeper nobody knew could cruise comfortably at 140 mph or so and keep up on a mountain or road course... <grin>


That's my idea of a great guitar. Your mileage may vary.



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Rather like you Mlord I have a stable of guitars which I use for different things. I wouldn't buy two J45s for instance, each guitar I own has something to say and a place in the family as it were.


I also record using Cubase which has just about everything the player/recording engineer could want on your screen. Recently I have been recording other people.

This is much more difficult that recording yourself as other 'factors' get involved. One of me new recordees has bought a Varaix, it sounds like it can do everything but I have to say I do enjoy using different guitars and effects to get the sound/style I have in mind.


Now if I heard from a member who bought a Varaix and then sold all his effects and guitars I would be worried!

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