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  1. Sorry Forthyearspickn what I was meaning is that as our fellow member has a problem with the size of the guitars he should look at a small body guitar as J45 and SJ200 are about the same size. I can't say that the size bothered me during my J45 years but I was introduced to a small body guitar by Doyle Dykes and I was sold.
  2. Well SJ200s are played by many players including the ladies too. If you are used to a J45 you will be good with a SJ200. I played a J45 for years but then I was introduced to small bodied guitars, never looked back.
  3. Mine, the same as Bobouz no cut away. Great guitar.
  4. The BBC here in UK put out Paul's concert in the Park in New York in 1991. It was very good, he was at his best but what was the black guitar he was playing? It looks like a Gibson, could be a J185 but I'm not sure, any ideas ?
  5. So Bob is 80 he has written some songs. Whats your favorite?
  6. I'm not sure about this nostalgia stuff but there's more of it now then ever. Image if in the sixty's the big thing was 1910s music ! However I must admit I have seen a few of the cover bands which I enjoyed but have come away well, slightly sad.
  7. Thanks Bobouz my CJ165 is not cutaway and rosewood back with ebony fretboard and gold hardware. I have played a maple back I like both. As you say a really comfortable guitar to play and a beautiful clear sound. I didn't know that production went on until 2012. I bought mine in US but I have only heard of one here in UK. The thing I find strange is despite the similarity with a Martin 00028 the production life on the Gibson is short where on the Martin over eighty years. It's like Martin making years of D28s and Gibson J 45 just a short run. Perhaps Gibson should look at their
  8. Well this is a Gibson forum so I would expect some Gibson bias however as an owner of both makes can I add some points. Re the member buying a 00028EC this has a V shaped neck but the standard model has a neck very similar to a J200 I have a Martin 00028 and a Gibson CJ165 these guitars are almost Identical in size, woods and neck profile the Gibson even having an ebony fretboard unusual for Gibsons but standard on Martins. Even the sound is similar to the fact that I can't tell them apart on recordings. The interesting thing is Gibson made a short run of Cj165 about twenty y
  9. I would like to see a CJ165 maple back and sides. They are not made at all now don't know why as everyone who owns a CJ165 loves them.
  10. Yes I remember the Ovation years, everyone had one even Paul McCartney, you don't see him or anyone else for that matter with one now! can't say I liked them they would slide off your knee if you were sitting or roll around if you were standing. A pal in my band had one bought it in NY red, nice to look at but not for me. I wonder where they all are now. Guitars like everything go in fashions in the sixty's and seventies in was dreadnoughts now it's back to the guitar shaped guitars like the old days.
  11. Guitars get over rated by who plays them. take the Epiphone Casino John Lennon played a 60s USA made but the Japanese made model is a better guitar at a fraction of the price.
  12. Didn't John Lennon have a J160E !
  13. I have a 70s Ibanez copy. I'm sure you can't tell the difference, apart from the price. As they are no longer made they are pretty hard to find but a wonderful guitar if you can find one.
  14. Nice! haven't heard that song for years, well done Sal.
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