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multi processors vs. boxes


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So for years now I have been hooked on individual boxes and have now reached the point where they are taking up WAY too much space on stage. I have been playing around with a BOSS ME-50 and though I have my complaints, I also have my compliments on the product. What I don't like is how sensitive the on/off for the expression pedal is. I will be on wah and then it will switch to volume... What I do like is how I can select between different distortion pedals with rotating a knob.


I think I may use it in usison with my vintage wah, classic wah, whammy, and a few other pedals but I would like to get your feedback and opinions on this type of set up and what I should expect and what I should avoid doing. Amps used are Super RI, Hot Rod Deluxe, and I use a Fender PA 100 to run a talk box (yeah... I'm not crazy about lugging that thing around to run a talk box...)

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