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Vintage Epiphone ID help needed


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Hi all,


I found this vintage Epiphone on craigslist and I'm hoping someone here could help me identify the guitar.




Anyone know what model this is? Does the price same reasonable? The guy said he had the neck repaired and a wedge was put in, any idea how that would affect value or playability?


Thanks a lot in advance if any one has information.



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Some people love those EA250's but I had one and it was the worst guitar I've ever owned. The same guitar (with regular chrome humbuckers) was marketed under a number of names in the UK including Columbus which you can still pick up today for around £50.00 ($75.00). The 'wedge' probably means the guy has shimmed the neck because the neck pocket was cut at the wrong angle and the action was too high or too low for bridge adjustment (you can shim at the top or bottom of the pocket to correct either). I can't imagine that the three piece (extremely bendy - another problem) bolt on maple neck with a shallow headstock angle would break that easily. Neck pocket problems, bendy neck and unstable tuning were just some of the faults I had with mine. If you don't like the sound it's not easy to upgrade the PUP's either because the routs are much longer than a standard humbucker rout and triangular shaped at each end like a P90. When I got the chance to do a straight swap for a mid 70's, fixed neck Antoria ES175 I almost fell on the guys neck weeping with joy.

If I were looking for a semi I'd give this a miss and go for a Dot at similar money or a Casino for a little more. It's like buying a BMW instead of a Skoda. Your choice though, like I said some people love them. I wouldn't look on it as a 'vintage' investment guitar though. It was a cheap, budget guitar in the 70's and time won't have changed that.

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