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2003 Gibson Les Paul Double Cut


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Hello there,


I recently found a double cut I have fallen in love with. It is a 2003 and in faded red. Comes with P90 pickups and an Epiphone hard shell case, set up with an extra set of strings.

They are asking $575, and I was able to talk with an employee and he said he would do $600 even if cash.


There don't seem to be any issues with the guitar other than the bridge. It looked like the high and low E strings were sitting out of the slots by approximately 1mm, on both strings towards the outside of the saddle.


The neck is smooth with almost no dings, same with the headstock. The back of the guitar has a ton of buckle rash, that I would eventually add to. Definitely a player guitar, and it shows on the pickup covers and pick guard.


I played the guitar for a bit of time and it felt comfortable and seemed to sing very well. I didn't feel or hear any issues with the bridge, I only visually noticed it.


I do not have any photos, as I wasn't trying to break any balls. Any suggestions or comments on the guitar?


Thank you.

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