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J-200 vs. ibanez concord 698 Jumbo (Law suit)


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Hey there


Did somone test these two guitars against each other??


I would realy like to hear your experiense and opinion



I just bougth one very cheap , and was told that its been playing

allmost every day since it was bought in 74.


I know its a copy and NOT the real thing. BUT hey

it sounded good in my ears allthough many things

has to be fixed on it.


anyone outthere who has some knowledge of this Copy.?? [confused]

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Well, not a J-200 but I did have an 83' Ibanez Concorde Hummingbird copy.


It did actually have a fundamental 'Gibson' tone and wasnt bad, but because it was all laminate it just didnt have the warmth and richness of the real thing. I finished up selling it and got the real thing, which to me was well worth the investment.



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Thanks alot for the quick answer [biggrin]


I just bought a Hummingbird TV and absolutly love the feel/look/warmth

and the ballanced tone of it.. at first when you play the Concorde it feels good

and looks good, but as you describe it misses the warmth and ballanced tone of real wood.


guess its like this with all copies. [rolleyes]

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