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How to connect BB3 and P-94 in Gibson Tribute Humbucker with PCB?


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I bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio '50s Tribute Humbucker with 490R and 498T 6 month ago. I wanted to upgrade the pickups and ordered a Gibson Burstbucker 3 (bridge) and a P-94 (neck). The PCB comes with 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone, 5 way connector (Molex part# 43645-0500) for the switch and a 2 way connector (Molex part# 43645-0200) for each pickup.


The BB3 comes with a single wire in a shield, and the P-94 comes with a white, black, green and "naked" wire.


I cannot figure out how to wire and connect the BB3 and P-94 on the PCB (I have read the small instruction manual included with the pickups)!


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I have talked to a lot of different people at the local music store, Thomann.de, Gibson at a vintage show in Copenhagen, and this forum. No one seem to use the plugs but solder the wires directly to the PCB! I think this is a strange solution, as the PCB comes with connectors easy to use - so why not use them?




You should use a Molex receptacle housing to connect the pickup to the PCB.

- Molex 3.00mm (.118") Pitch Micro-Fit 3.0™ Receptacle Housing, Halogen Free, Single Row, 2 Circuits

- Part Number: 43645-0200

- Website http://www.molex.com/molex/products/datasheet.jsp?part=active/0436450200_CRIMP_HOUSINGS.xml)

If you look very close on the wires on the stock pickups, the text "Molex" is printed on one side of the housing, and "43645" (part number) on the other side. You will also need some crimps for the wires in the housing. You should be able to buy Molex at you local hardware store or online.


To replace two pickups you will need

2 x Molex Receptacle Housing (part number 43645-0200)

4 x Molex Crimp Terminals, femal (part number 43030-0001)


Gibson BurstBucker 3 (bridge position):

- The BurstBucker 3 has two wires; a black and the shield

- The black wire should be connected to the left connector (the one close to the "B" in the text "BRIDGE" printed on the PCB)

- The other wire is the shield (silver and naked wire) should be connected to the other to the right (closest to the "E" in the text "BRIDGE" printed on the PCB)


Gibson P-94 (neck position)

- The P-94 has four wires: a black, green, white and a silver ("naked") wire

- The black in the left connector

- The remaining three wires (green, white and "naked") in the right connector closest to the text "NECK" printed on the PCB


I will upload an image later. Hope this helps - please leave a comment :-)

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