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Seek help: when was my EB-0 built


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I´ve got an awsome sounding EB-0 in my collection. Since I purchased it I wonder when it was built. Serial is 2560. So I suppose it´s a ´61. Someone told me he thinks it´s a ´67/´68. Pick up and bridge are changed.

Could you help me finding out?

Thanks a lot.

post-47378-071581600 1348398468_thumb.jpg

post-47378-066704800 1348398611_thumb.jpg

post-47378-053751700 1348398663_thumb.jpg

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it's impossible to tell for sure, your bass has been modded,but an educated guess would be around 1969.



thank you for your reply. I still wonder about the serial number which would date it as ´61.

Maybe the pots are original and may give a clue? I´ll post a pic within the next days.

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It looks like it has the earlier neck pocket which would make it pre-66.



I disagree,please detail what about the neck pocket are you refering to?



Sorry for being late.....

here is a foto of the neck/body joint (sorry for the small size but my upload space is narrow)post-47378-036936000 1352803289_thumb.jpg


Gibson changed the neck/body joint around 65/66, yours is the earlier model. Gibson neck joints.

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