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57 Classics/Burstbuckers


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I have read the specs through the years on 57 Classics and Burstbuckers and, as to be expected, they have changed from time to time.


I have a few questions.


1. Where are Gibson pickups made these days? At one time they were made in Elgin, and other times at the Custom shop. I heard they are made by EMG now, is this so?


2. Plain enamel coated wire USED to be used on the 57 Classics and Burstbuckers. I have read on the Gibson site they are now poly coated wire rather recently, but now the site has been rearranged and it is not clear. What wire is being used on the 57 Classics and Burstbuckers now? Plain enamel (alkyd enamel) or is it a poly coated wire?


Anyone at Gibson with accurate factual information would be appreciated.

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