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New Nitrous specific to dealers?


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Ok, so I am still pretty new to how Gibson works, but it seems that either new guitars are specific to certain dealers or they are rolled out on different timelines to the various dealers. I was looking to see who had the new LP Nitrouses (or would it be Nitri?), and the bigger dealers (GC, Wildwood, MF, Sam Ash) don't have them yet, but AMS (and Amazon thru AMS) have all 4 colors, while Sweetwater only has the Blue.


Likewise, I sometimes see things that say Wildwood, Sweetwater, etc.. have exclusive colors.


Is this typical? Am I interpreting what I am seeing right?


Not that I am looking to run out and get a new Nitrous Studio since I have only had my ES 359 for a couple of months now, but I sure would like to see one in person. Hoping there will be one or two at the Arlington Tx guitar show next weekend.


- Dwayne

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