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She's gone!!!!


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This evening I sold my beautiful Limited Edition Blonde Blues Jr. I really hate to be doing it as she's such a fabulous amp but the Missus told me that the Vox-AC-15 that I want for Christmas is way above what she was intending to spend on my Christmas gift.I've wanted an AC-15 or 30 ever since Feb. 9th 1964 so when my buddies at Reid Music had one come in I knew that it was fate.Where I'm such a huge Beatles fan and play almost nothing but their music and Jimi's an AC-15 would be much more practical for me and I already have 3 Marshalls to handle the Hendrix stuff.I have an old '69 Bassman with a '68 2-15 "driprail" cabinet for doing my 60s rock and Blues stuff.As much as I hate too I've sold the Blues Jr. to my jamming buddy who just lives across the harbour from me,so I'll no doubt get visitation rights-lol.I think that someday down the road that he'd give her back to me if I bought a new black vinyl one and gave it to him,even swap.So all is not lost.

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