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Took out the 95 pignose 7-100 yesterday


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I couldn't really get much of a clean tone out of it. It does sound better in the living room or when I use the digiverb with it.


I watched you tube videos and some seem to get more of a clean tone than me yet they are recording theirs.


Not that I expected it to be clean and I just just strats with original style PU's nothing high gain.


Over all it's what it is.


I did have their Hog 20 back in 2000 or so and it had a larger speaker and a tone pot and a pot to dial in gain. But that's an entirely different amp.


I had a danelectro nifty fifty or dirty thirty can't recall but is was pretty good sounding for a SS amp. I still have 2 of those tiny danelectro Honeytone belt clip amps with maybe a 2 inch speaker which are not loud and fun to play around with , they have a vol, tone and drive pot so with headphones you can dial in a fair blues sound.

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