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Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute sale


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samash.com has the Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute on sale for 529 and the sg for 499 and other gibson are also on sale


I know crazy right, I showed this to my wife, and I think Im getting my first usa made paul for christmas and b-day (my b-day is a few days after xmas)

Ive owned A epi standard plus, an epi elitest, and I dumped both of thoose for my agile al-3xxx a few years back.


My agile is definatley more ornanate with all the fixins like the ebony fretboard and triple binding, etc.. but I played one of these at my local sam ash when they were 899.99 and I thought it was a awesome price.


I wouldnt say its better or worse, just different, both guitars are better then the epi's for sure- Ive changed out the bridge pickup in my agile for a burstbucker, and had a good setup done on it.

The Les paul '70s, definatley weighs a couple pounds less, but thats good, because with my asbestosis, I have to sit down every other song. I cant wait to see what the mini humbuckers sound like through my equipment.


This will probably become my main axe with my agile being my backup, and my mexi tele being my second backup- gonna sell my Mexi strat as it just hangs on the wall, Ive upgraded it quite a bit and still never play it. I guess it was an impulse buy


I cant wait to have a real gibson in the stall!

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