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1968 Firebird VII help


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I am currently restoring a 1968 Gibson Firebird VII.Apparenlty these are quite rare because I can find very few pictures of non reverse Firebird VII's,only 50 or so were made in the late 60's.I have attached a pic of my project guitar as well as a pic of my other Firebirds,..I like Firebirds,very cool looking guitars.My questions,...what tuners would have come on these guitars originally? it has schallers now,but I am guessing gold klusons,but I really don't know.Also,the polaris white finish looks completely original,but I cannot detect any evidence of any other tuners ever being on the guitar(should be holes,plugs).There are no other colors in the cavities,..so kinda strange,definately did'nt come with schallers in 1968.The pots date to 1975 and my luthier says it appears to have factory wiring.I am wondering if it was sent back to the gibson factory in the 70's for mods and a refin,..did gibson do that?

none the less,..will be a very cool and rare player when it is done....any firebird experts feel free to comment...

post-48669-063038500 1352590104_thumb.jpg

post-48669-098850000 1352590124_thumb.jpg

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Also,the polaris white finish looks completely original


A solid color refinish is a great way to hide a neck or headstock break (both common on a Firebird). It should have 3 minibuckers, but I see two full size routes and one mini, plus an extra switch.

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