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Since I'm a bedroom rocker and, den artist LOL, I love low watt amps. I got a few so far and, I got one coming this week. I decided to add a JTM1 head to the collection. I tried one out at GC about over a week ago and, I could not get it out of my mind. I had also tried out a JCM1 about over a month ago. They are pretty cool as well. I'm pretty impressed by the JTM1. You keep it lower volume and it sounds very nice. When you crank up your guitar volume gets excellent crunch! It is a mini Marshall! The 1/10 watt works pretty cool. The only thing I wish it did have is a headphone jack like my C5H. My Class5 has great sustain and crunch but, you have to crank it up more to get the cool tone. I did not go with GC however, I got a far better deal with Sam Ash. I got a brand spanking one coming in a box Fed Ex. From what I've heard on internet demos the combo version sounds awesome with the 10" Celestion speaker it comes with. I playing mine through a Raven 1 X 12 with a Celestion when I get it.

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