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  1. I like the new changes at Gibson. I like that they are going back to some of the older popular models. At first I was uncertain about it but, I like to see Gibson continue to do well. I like to see the product being more affordable to the average consumer as well. Instead of doing the "uncalled for" things Henry was doing, I like to see Gibson also come out with some small cool tube amps. I would also be excited to see things like the Maestro Gibson FZ-1 fuzz tone reissued and made available at an affordable attractive price. I'm probably just dreaming on some of this I figure.
  2. JAC


    I feel so ashamed, no really! Talk about playing king of the hill on a freakin' post! You're a bit of a moron who likes to start crap and more than likely suck on the guitar. You and your boy friend Bill can wank each other. I did not start any nonsense on here. Go back to the pub and annoy and scare people there.
  3. JAC


    I do as well. I have a 2010 LP Standard with this neck. My other two are slim taper. For all the haters, I've been a Gibson owner since 1998. I have three Lesters and one SG Special.
  4. JAC


    It is all about hate not frustration. I did not put anyone down with my OP. I refuse to be bullied or slandered over an innocent honest post. I do welcome both negative and positive posts. Logic and reasoning will always be a part of my approach.
  5. JAC


    I was posting regarding gear. No one here cares you don't get any.
  6. JAC


    I was sober when I created this post. I bet big money you were not when you responded.
  7. JAC


    Very happy to see the negative posts on here. I hope their knowledge and playing skill at least equals their hatred.
  8. JAC


    Hello Gibson lovers how are you? I just thought I would share this insight, since the topic does come up every once in a while. For the record I like thinner necks myself. I can play a fat neck. I relate to people liking different necks because we all have different size hands. I have small hands. The size of your hand will not dictate your skill level. Use big, small, fat, wide, flat, V-shaped, etc. necks which are best for you. My main point I like to stress is, don't put others down for liking stuff that is different from what you like/need/use/prefer etc. Remember one guy's garbage is another man's treasure. Please feel free to flame me or make any other input on here, which I may have not taken into consideration. Keep on pickin' and strummin' bros and sisters.
  9. Congrats! It is a real beauty. Enjoy.
  10. Congrats! It is a real beauty. Enjoy.
  11. JAC

    Should I?

    I'm having problems putting on a new avatar. I took out the old one and now it is gone. I'm using the same camera etc. I could use help putting in new avatar picture. It says it is too large. There is some kind of function deal on here which allows for it, even if it is supposed too large. This is cheesy if you ask me. I'm going to keep trying with this.
  12. That is sound advice. I read that keeping strings off bridge is the best way. I break this rule though. I like to low-ride my stop piece.
  13. Been reading them all so far brother.
  14. JAC

    Should I?

    Change my avatar from my 1998 LP Special SL to my 2010 Standard AA Heritage cherry Sunburst?
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