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  1. OOOOH, fat shaming. It's a good video, no need to add this to it.
  2. Hi All. This has been floating around you tube for a while, so if someones has asked this before, I couldn't find it in a search. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFjH4ZqwOB4
  3. She's a beauty...... A the wife is a keeper.
  4. Hi Dylan, Okay, what we have here is an Epiphone Les Paul 100. My link This link will take you to the product information page. I hope this helps.
  5. From those picture all I can tell is it looks like a guitar......and the low "E" tuner looks crooked. (Could just be the angle of the shot) We need more and better pictures please.
  6. If we are talking about a SG Standard, Reverb says the average price is 865.00.
  7. 2014 SG........okay which one? There are like a dozen different models of said SG, we need to know more then just the year please.
  8. Only the best cheese ever....
  9. Okay, i'll play along..... 2016 Epi Plus top. 2008 Les Paul Studio 2010 Fender MIM strat. 2001 SRV strat. 1998 Gibson acoustic. That just some of them, others I just haven't gotten around to putting on line yet.
  10. Hi JAT, I found your post a bit on the funny side, no offense intended, but really, some of the highest end guitars Gibson build get sold to people who hang them on the wall as art and never play them at all. Now, as to the guitar you should be looking at, try as many Les Pauls as you can get your hands on, and get the one that feels best to you. All guitars are just a bit different. You will find some play easier then other, some play rock solid and some play with sympathetic vibration. And then there is the neck size, what fits your hand is what is important, not the color or model, what fits you as a player. And there is no right or wrong, it's up to you to find the ones you like. As for me, I like guitars that I can feel the vibration while playing, it feels like the guitar is alive to me. I also like a larger round neck, because I have large hands. Others like that rock solid feel and they say those one have better sustain.....it's all personal preference. Anyways, try as many as you can, when you find the one that fits like a glove, you will know it....and that is the one to get....even if it is a Les Paul studio.
  11. There is only one answer to this question................ Just one more.
  12. Good day all. I am not trying to start a fight here so please, do give opinions but lets keep it civil. I see some players that will go and buy a high end guitar while playing it through a lesser amp, while others will get a nice high end amp while still playing an mid-range or entry level guitar. Now, the obvious answer would be to have a Gibson R series Les Paul and Boutique amp, but for those of us who live in real world and have to make house payments that is not really an options we can afford at the drop of a hat. As for me, I have gone the route of better amps then the guitars I own. I have a good selection of tube amps, and as to guitars, I have maybe two that would be called high end, a Gibson Acoustic and a SRV stratocaster. My others are mid-level guitars that play good. I am not a big pedal guy, tho I have a few of them, I hardly use them, and I do not gig, so it just for me and I like the tone I get from a good tube amp. Anyhoo I was wondering what the group here thinks.
  13. I am sadden to hear of the loss of your friend. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  14. Hi Jason. From the pictures you posted, I would say it is all stock, but you would need to remove the control cover and look at the bottom of the pick ups to know if they have been changed out or not. Before you go pulling it all apart, looking at the general condition, I would best half a Mc Donald's hamburger that it is all stock. And really, as long as it has the tone you like who cares, just play it and love it like it's last owner and you will get a lifetime of enjoyment out of her.
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