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Besides playing music and working video I like to spend my time cooking and recently found a new snack that I wanted to try... Ginger-Soy Almonds.


To make these you need to heat a combination of olive oil and sesame oil and once it come to temp, you add a dried cayenne chile, which you crush.


A few seconds go by and I begin to smell the aroma from the dried cayenne, and then, the sting. I'm pretty tolerant to spicy food (i.e. habeneros, ghost pepper, etc) but my girlfriend on the other hand, wasn't so tolerant of the cayenne infused air in our apartment. "What the h---?! Open the door!"


So if you are cooking hot peppers with olive oil, I would open the door. This only happens when I use olive oil... but the almonds taste great! She just coughed again, must still be in the air...

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