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Epiphone LT165 - Info Needed

Russ Chastain

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here.


I have owned a number of Epi guitars, my favorite of which is Sophia, a Masterbilt AJ-500RE. My second fave acoustic is an AJ 18S VSB named Smoky.


Anyhow, I'm looking for some info on another Epiphone 6 string acoustic. Guessing it's from the 1970s. I don't have the guitar, but I have one photo and some info provided by the seller.


The seller says that the label says:

style- flat top

model LT165

Serial# 112860


I have searched the Web and this forum, and the only 165 I have found is the FT-165 12 string.


So - any info on the LT165? Solid top or laminated? Etc.


The seller said the label is hard to read, so he may not be providing the correct model number. I requested that he take a closer look; we'll see how that goes. Meanwhile, was there ever an Epiphone Model LT165 6 string?


Thanks in advance.

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