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335s, amps and balancing between neck and bridge pups


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Of course amp selection is mostly subjective, but having recently bought a 335 after playing Strats for the last 15 years, I'm starting to weigh up whether or not to change my amp over as well...


So I'm wondering, apart from any recommendations on amps that are based on your own experiences (thinking along the lines of Twin Reverbs, Bassmans etc or even a Mesa to go with my 2x12 cab), is there anyone out there running their 335 through a DSL50 (or 100), and if so, what channels do you like, what settings are you running, etc???


eg I found, with a Strat, I'd have the Presence on 2-3, where with the 335 I like it up at 8-9, which surprised me. So I'm experimenting, and always open to new points of view...


Should probably add, I like a big sound, in your face with as much low end as you can without muddying the mids or losing the tops. Think Black Keys meets Rage Against the Machine meets Queens of the Stone Age.


One thing I'll say about the DSL50 through the 2x12 mesa cab, while I can get a big sound now no worries (Classic Gain channel on about 7-9), switching to the neck pickup sends the bottom end into uncontrollable territory... Especially when I hit the fuzz (Tall Font Russian).


So the second part of my question would be, do you know of a way to balance these two pickups better without sacrificing fat tone on either and without needing to hit an effect pedal?


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