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To start, My name is Nick, I have been playing guitar seriously for about two years, I have owned fourteen guitars, only two of them are of Kramer decent, one is a Focus 111s routed with Floyd Rose Special, then my second is the Kramer Pacer Classic, it has been Hot Rodded out so to speak, I have taken out all of the electronics, slapped in a Seymour Duncan 59' in the bridge with EVH 500K Low friction pot and nob. However I am not getting the high output that I like, I love the tone of the 59' but I want it meaner. Ballsier, so to speak. I have looked at two different Seymour Duncans but I am kind of afraid of what monster I could be getting myself into. The SH14 Custom 5 and the SH5 Custom, any advice would be lovely, and I apologize if this has already been talked about. Thank you for letting me join the community.


Oh and one last thing, I know you all can find the influence from where my Pacer derives from, but does it look too much like his? I want to be influenced by him, NOT BE HIM. Lol. You all know who he is. ;-)


Thanks everyone.post-51786-048648200 1355949398_thumb.jpg



Oh and my 111s pre-Floyd Rose.post-51786-097070000 1355949408_thumb.jpg

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Honestly the 59's were a impulse buy at a local guitar shop, so no, I have had Duncans before, I liked them, but music styles have changed, and I would like something like the 59's but ballsier, and louder, more gain...


oh, the 59s are supposed to be PAF replicas(wound on Gibsons old winders too [biggrin] ).

anyho...you won't get significantly more gain with just the pickup, maybe a stompbox or

just turning up the gain on your amp would take care of that? [smile]


the Custom is described as a PAF on steroids and although I haven't tried the Custom 5, I suspect it would

be in the same ballpark...only less steroids [biggrin]


but hey, Seymour Duncan makes a hybrid version of a '59 and a Custom (combined) so maybe that would

be something to look into? [biggrin]

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Eddie Van Halen's intro on Runnin' With The Devil, he scrapes his pick against the tremolo springs and so I tried it, and I was able to make some pretty bad *** sounds.


Eddie is scraping his pick on the strings behind the tune-o-matic bridge and in front of the stop bar.


He is using a Ibanez Destroyer (copy of a Gibson Explorer). There's no tremolo on that song at all.

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