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After many years of wanting to learn how to play guitar I took the plunge and purchased an Explorer, plus the amp and cab you see in the picture.. I first begun to learn how to play when I was 18 but soon stopped to focus on college requirements. I then joined the Air Force and soon was married with kids and before I knew it I was 50 but still with a passion for Rock music and a desire to play. So a few months ago I purchased the guitar and amp you see here.


I would very much like to know if anyone on the board can provide me with a brief explanation of how the Explorer plays in comparison to the other prominent Gibson’s such as the Les Paul, Flying V, SG, and Firebird? Not withstanding the looks what are the similarities and differences in sound and playability of these other Gibson’s compared to the Explorer.


Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.

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That's a great looking guitar and amp, congratulations and play on, word of advice don't spend too much time in forums [biggrin]


Your question on the differennces in Gibsons are too open ended and the asnwer is long, there are different neck profiles, pickups and sometimes woods used in a Gibson model so the sound and playability are different.


For instance you Explorer comes is 4% smaller than a standard Explorer and comes with Burstbucker/Classi 57 combo while the Standard Explorer comes with much, much hotter pickups.


I would recommend that you look for a couple of books and learn about guitar models that way, there are a few of books on Gibsons that will provide you with a lot of knowledge.


Something like this:



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