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Fake Epiphone?


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I'm fairly sure I've purchased a fake Epiphone, described as a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Slash Zebra. It came in an Epiphone box, with manual, sticker, poster.

Serial No: 10021508115 would indicate it was made in Feb 2010 in Qung Dao China, however, I can't find any photos of a Slash model in this colour.

See attached photos, can anyone tell me if this is a fake, please, as I can get my money back from PayPal

post-53565-062480700 1360829862_thumb.jpg

post-53565-003893300 1360829915_thumb.jpg

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I know this is a really old post, but I think you probably have a real Epiphone Les Paul Custom, that someone changed the truss rod cover. I could not imagine someone Faking an Epiphone. I would not think there would be any money in it, because is it really not a high-end instrument. I think if someone is going to take the trouble of setting up a factory, they would probably just counterfeit a Gibson Les Paul and not copy a copy. This looks like a pretty nice guitar, and if it plays and sounds good, why worry, as long as you paid a decent price for it.

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