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So I just read this on the last page of the Dark Fire Quick Start Guide :


"A second Quick Start Guide will be sent with the Robot Interface Pack (RIP). This will show you how to set up and use the powerful software that comes with the Dark Fire."



Does this imply my hunch is correct - that the RIP box will be sent to Dark Fire customers separately?





Indeed this is the case:


"The guitar comes with:

• Stunning white case printed with Dark Fire Limited Edition First Run

• Charger with a “wall wart” power supply which connects to it

• Full manual

• High quality stereo cord

• Redemption certificate to redeem your welcome kit which includes:

a. Computer interface box (Robot Interface Pack) which allows you to use computer software to further enhance your playing experience

b. Full version of Guitar Rig 3 software

c. Special Gibson Studio Version of Ableton Live

d. Various instructional manuals

The redemption requires you to call 1.800.4.GIBSON with the serial number of the guitar, the store and salesperson"

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