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  1. Well, I texted them on Facebook. I thought it may be a little bit more "direct" than e-mail. But sadly, they asked me one question back (which they could have found the answer to if they had read my initial inquiry thoroughly), to which i answered, and since then, i haven't heard anything from them. That's why I searched further by myself and found this forum.. i could try e-mailing though...
  2. Wow this is really great. Thank you so much. i haven't thought about guitars that might be floating around somewhere, that were not supposed to be regularly released products.. other than that, i really couldn't find any more clues or indicators that might secure the authenticity of this guitar. i dug out the pickups, and looked into the back chamber where the electronics are... not a single indicator. but again, thanks for your help!
  3. oh woow this looks reaally close. Thank you very much! I don't know how important these small differences are, but somehow the guitar i have is more a flat top, and the cutaways aren't as "curved" as the 635i. the cutaway "mellows out" a bit where the neck is (that's why i thought it's a Spotlight). and the logo on the head is "epiphone by gibson", whereas the 635i says "epiphone" only. also, the back of where the neck is connected to the body looks slightly different... oh gosh this is really hard! But again, thanks Rabs!
  4. Hello community, I need your precious help to identify this epiphone guitar which i found in the basement of my granddad's house who recently passed away. Sadly, i found it pretty hard to find out anything, since the serialnumber is missing (see Picture 3). Here are some characteristics of the guitar (there might be some wrong lingo - sorry about that): 1. So, i've done some research and apparently Guitars made in Korea in the early 90s, the serialnumbers were placed on the back of the head with a sticker instead of engraving, which might be the case for this guitar also. there is some residual of what might have been a sticker that has been taken off (see picture 3). That would make sense with respect to the heritage of my granddad.2. The head is shaped like one on an Explorer3. The branding on the head is “Epiphone by Gibson”4. the truss rod cover says “GIBSON”5. The inlays are dots, but placed where the low E string is.6. The body reminds me somewhat of that of a Spotlight, but resembles more this one by Samick: https://samick.fandom.com/wiki/P . I can't really tell. What I can say is that this guitar is not “Neck-thru construction”, it’s a 4-screw “Bolt-on Neck”. The surface of the body is somewhat "flat" (rather like a e.g. regular Strat, than a "curved" body like a Les Paul or PRS. 7. It has two single coil and one humbucker pick up, with a 5 way switch8. The Bridge is by Steinberger and has a tremolo locking nut.Please see the photos below for reference.Thank you so much for your help!Best regards
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