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  1. Is that the "Guitarra del Tiempo" model they make?
  2. Photos taken this past week when I changed the string and polished her up ! It's more like a reddish brown, or dark brown pumpkin maybe. Unfortunately, I'm honestly not qualified enough, to do a review xD Side note- it's the best smelling guitar I have ever whiffed.
  3. I have been THIRSTING over Gibsons "The Garden" guitar strap, they've been sold out now for a while. Gibson promoted these straps on Twitter recently, any chance they'll get restocked? Only place online I've seen them is some shop in Canada that will not ship to the US.
  4. I have this guitar and I love it. I use a Dunlop Primetone Grip .88 picks I wish this model got more attention! I'd love to see the acoustic letter review it, or andertons!
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses. Yesterday GC never responded to any emails. This morning I woke up to an email that declined any sort of discount, but did provide a return shipping label. The 37 pound package of male specimen has been shipped back, hopefully I’ll get a refund soon. This kinda soured me on GC. I’ll be checking out Sweetwater. Even though I’m sure I’ll be getting a refund, I’m still a bit butthurt. That guitar was such a beauty, but I just don’t want to have to deal with GC over the phone/via mail again.
  6. Does anyone know what those stains are? Is this something that will naturally rub away through use? If GC counters with a decent discount and it’s something that will rub off as it ages I may consider keeping it. But if it’s something permanent that’s likely to never go away I doubt I could look past the discount.
  7. I don’t have many guitars, and this was somewhat of a splurge. My complaints are valid though, right? Or am I just splitting hairs? I waited nearly two hours on hold only to be dismissed and told to send them photos over email to decide if they’ll issue a credit. Is this something I should look past if the price is right? Is that fret actually bad? Or am I overreacting? Im honestly leaning towards a straight up return at this point.
  8. Hi everyone, on Saturday I ordered a Les Paul Dark Knight from Guitar Center. I was so excited to get my hands on such a beauty, especially after seeing Trogly rave about this particular model on YouTube. But when it came in today.... I was so let down. It had several dings.... but most of all, the fretboard was covered in stains! I’m not sure if it’s glue, or varnish or what, but it’s a clear white stuff (insert HS jokes here, I know). I reached out to Guitar Center and I’m waiting to hear their verdict. Not to mention, they didn’t double box the guitar so that wonderfully heavy alu
  9. That price is insane! But I'm not sure how I feel about those inlays. For the price though... how could you say no?!
  10. Got this BEAUTIFUL new 1960 Hummingbird with fixed saddle. There was very little info on this model online, and I didn’t get to try it at a store before buying it, so I was a bit nervous. But not only does it look beautiful, but it sounds great too. A note about the case though, I kept hearing it was “period correct”. It’s very nice, very plain and simple. Was surprised at the purple lined interior, and lack of any branding. The headstock area is VERY snug to the point that I have to be very careful when putting it back in the case. Little to no room on the sides. It’s a very sm
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