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  1. The axe I mentioned is exclusive @ z zounds . com and is listed , IIRC, as a 2019 LPC VOS Ebony/Ebony FB.....if that's not it keep looking, its there, and is not the one w/Bolivian Rosewood FB!
  2. IF you can handle the cost, the new 2019 LES PAUL CUSTOM being offered as an exclusive on-line by ZZZOUNDS.com is a BEAST. Its the only Les Paul CUSTOM regular production model offering Custom-Bucker's stock since 2011, the 490/498 combo just do not do it for me. IDK why Gibson would put those in a Custom Shop Guitar but they are doing it now for 9 years running . The only LPC's to have Custom-Buckers stock this year are the '57 & '68 LPC re-issues, both costing $2K-$3.5K more. The said guitar has all the rest that you would expect from a LPC, the massive Medium Chunky 'C' Neck that is solid as a rock, Ebony Fret-Board (not Rich-Lite), M-O-P In-Lays, Double-Cut Diamond MOP Headstock In-Lays....it is just an awesome Les Paul Custom, and for less than $4K ? You might not be able to do better. I realize you were asking about other axes, this is just my $2 worth of opine...I waited for this particular guitar because of the CB P-Up's and Ebony Fret-Board, no rich-lite/490's for my Custom Les Paul, NO WAY....I mean, for the kind of $$$$ a Custom goes for, getting the lowest cost Pick-Up's Gibson makes (490's) is just a dealio breaker for me. The 2019 LPC checks all the boxes and is 100% awesome.
  3. if that axe has the 490R/498T Pick-Up combo, I would say to swap 'em out for a set of Un-Covered Custom-Bucker's, THEY RULE !!! You will not be sorry. ICFB Gibson Custom shop would put the 490R on a Custom Shop Guitar...that P-Up is the cheapest Pick-Up GIBSON USA produces and is usually found on Studio or Faded USA Line models. As far as putting a Tremolo on it? I would get a Duesenberg Les Trem II...IMO, they are the best tremolo out here for $125 and No mods are required, the device goes on/off the Guitar in seconds.Looks GREAT and gets an Octave out of a Bend. The Les Trem II is a High Quality piece of German engineering and will fit on any GIBSON USA/CUSTOM w/Stop-Bar & T-O-M set-up.I switch the Chrome one I have from an SG to a FIREBIRD from time to time, some Bigsby's are inter-changeable like that too, the B3 I think (?), and the 'Doozy' Gold Chrome LT-II goes from my EXPLORER to my LP CUSTOM in the time it takes to change strings. The LT-II is a mod you can not regret, for $125 & No Mods...and if you dont like it, someone will always buy it on reverb.
  4. 'ABOUT FACE' was a Good show, DG had Mick Ralphs as a Back-Up player...not bad company ! But the 2017 Roger Waters 'Us and Them' Tour was just MASSIVE.......From Dark Side to Wish U, Animals, Wall ,Careful W/That Axe and a few others (what God Wants etc) best show I'd seen in 40 years....I have tix for a RW's show next month (July, 2020)BUT the Tour is either cancelled or postponed to a later date. IDK if they will be honoured when the show is finally allowed to happen or refund is due to me.....but this COVID crap is really screwin things up. I was really lookin forward to "This is not a Test" Tour and hope it can happen asap.
  5. Right, but try a strobe tuner(Petersen has one for $85). U will C then how far off you have been all along....DGMW, SNARKS are good or checking tuning on-stage.......but for intonation and initial set-up's ? No, you need a Strobe., or really good pair of ears. Only tuner I have ever seen that is not a Strobe but is still spot-on and good enough for Intonation etc is the TC Electronics UNI-TUNE.
  6. BTW, is RW using a frikkin 'SNARK' POS Tuner in the 1st Video.....? Sure looks like one...and they are POS ! The two chicks that sing back-up for RW really did well the entire show but especially on 'Great Gig in the Sky', ICFB how good they were !Put their own stamp on that song !
  7. In August 2017 Roger Waters played the 2nd Best concert I have ever seen! The best was Zeppelin @ Madison Square Garden 40 years earlier in 1977...it was close, but Zeppelin was better ! Waters & Co did not need Dave Gilmour either, they were GREAT w/out him ! RW's Tour was supposed to go on this Summer too, anyone wanna buy my TIX ? LOL !
  8. The Les Paul CUSTOM '68 Re-issue definitely has a Medium CHUNKY 'C' Neck profile. ITS MASSIVE.I was going to buy one but got a better price on a new 2019 Les Paul CUSTOM VOS Black-Beauty and it has the same neck profile and it is HUGE !.........I tell ya this seriously, THE NECK ON MY NEW 2019 LESTER IS A MONSTER ! It is solid as a ROCK, the neck relief was Dead Straight when I got it ....... I set it at .008" @ 8Th Fret..........it hasn't budged !...The Mahagony Neck w/EBONY FRET-Board w/Mother-of-Pearl In-Lays.........it is a work of ART ! It really is, I'm blown away by it.......and the NECK is, did I mention? HUGE !!! I have a Les Paul Standard from 2017, really BAD-A$$ Guitar w/BB Pro P-Up's and that has the Slim-Taper '60's profile neck and it is nothing like the 2019 CUSTOM MEDIUM CHUNKY 'C' neck. The 2017 Lester's neck seems a bit wimpy to me now that I am playing the CUSTOM. But weird enough is the fact that all the SLIM-TAPER Gibson necks I have are different in size depending on the model Guitar. Example: The Slim-Taper neck on my '17 Lester Standard is fatter than the Slim-Taper neck on my 2018 FIREBIRD T (Standard) to the point that the FIREBIRD feels like a twig. BUT, DGMW, the FIREBIRD neck is awesome. W/the Granadillo FB w/Trap In-Lays and the Rolled-Binding, I tell ya, its the finest neck I've ever had on a Standard, Slim-Taper or not ! You actually may have a difficult time playing/getting used to the CHUNKY Neck, my hand cramps up after 45 minutes and the weight of the Guitar cuts off the blood circulation in my arm after an hour, sometimes sooner! My other GIBSON Standards all have Slim-Taper necks and its weird as the 2018 FIREBIRD T has the thinest neck I have ever owned, while the Lester from 2017 w/Slim Taper Neck is considerably thicker than the FIREBIRD..... The LP Custom I got is an 'Exclusive' to zZounds . com and is the only 2019 LP Custom, besides '57 & '68 re-issue's, that has CUSTOM-BUCKER P-Up's, I got mine for 1/2 the price of the '57...and it is BAD-A$$
  9. I have owned many a Gibson, and they were/are all stellar instruments. However, I understand that if someone buys their 1st Gibson and its defective, it is not going to inspire brand loyalty. But I just bought what I consider the Guitar that all other Guitars wish they were: 2019 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul CUSTOM VOS 'Black-Beauty'. It was less than the OP's $4,200 PRS and I will bet it is superior in every way. This new Les Paul CUSTOM I just got is perfect in every way. From the Binding, Ebony Fret-Board,Mother-of-Pearl Head-Stock & Fret-Board In-Lays, which are perfectly level w/Head-Stock & FB, Custom-Bucker P-up's, (OMG, THEY ROAR and this Les Paul was/is 'EXCLUSIVE' to the retailer and is the only 2019 LP Custom, that is not a re-issue, that has the Custom-Bucker P-Up's. All others have the 490R & 498T.....POS), Grover T.M's, Corian Nut to the Electronics and the Paints finish..... my new Guitar is Perfect. I am, OMG, seriously impressed. The Medium 'C' Chunky Neck is Solid as a rock. I checked the relief on the neck when it arrived and it was perfectly dead-straight. I opened the relief almost a Half-Turn to .011" and then tightened it a li'l less than 1/4 turn and it measured .008" @ 8TH fret.....3 weeks later it is in the exact same spot.The neck relief has not budged. My experience tells me this is a Rock solid instrument as every other new Gibson I've purchased had a wondering relief (nothing huge but a few thousandths of an inch every few weeks) for the 1st 12-24 months after the purchase until the neck 'settled'. This is not the case w/my new Les Paul CUSTOM: 'REX'. 'REX' is, OMG, solid as a Rock. The new Les Paul CUSTOM VOS 'Black-Beauty' I just bought, 'REX', I will put up against any PRS out there or any other Guitar for that matter......it is just a Fabulous piece of Gibson history and it is W.A.D. the finest Guitar I have ever played/owned/touched. This Guitar is the culmination of my career playing music. I did not get as famous or as rich as I would have liked BUT I did OK......and every GIBSON I ever owned was a stellar instrument and this new Les Paul CUSTOM VOS I just bought blows every one of the others away, even my ES-335 Traditional w/MHS Pick-Up's doesn't quite stand up to 'REX' and, believe it, my ES-335 Trad. is a BAD A$$ Guitar ......My new Lester w/Italian Leather strap and Schaller Gold Strap locks cost me less than $4K..........so beat that PRS !
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